Featured photo – Sunrise, 3 Sisters & the Horse


Sunrise, 3 Sisters & the Horse


Technical Data:

Camera: Canon 1Ds Mk II

Lens: Canon 24-105 f/4 L @ 84mm

Exposure: 1/1600

Aperture: f/5

ISO: 200


Story Behind the Photo:

In early spring of this year, toward the end of a ten-day photography trip, I found myself in Monument Valley once again.

This was an amazing morning light-wise… What the picture doesn’t tell you, is how incredibly frigid the temperature was, despite all the warm light… The kind of cold with a wind-chill that cuts right through your clothes…

My friend and I were the only ones out on the park’s roads this morning, most likely due to the wind-chill.
I was trying to photograph the “3 Sisters” rock formation, when one of the resident Navajo free-range horses walked up from grazing the fields to pose for a portrait and gave me an even better photo opportunity.  Seemingly unaffected by the cold, he stayed there for quite a while, letting me try out quite a few different types of composition.  This was my favorite of the set.


2 Responses to “Featured photo – Sunrise, 3 Sisters & the Horse”

  1. This is a really cool and unique take on this rock formation. I’m hoping to visit Monument Valley in January–this is good inspiration!


  2. Thanks Greg.

    I think January should be great… hopefully there will be lots of snow on the mesas.

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