New Gallery Exhibition in Burbank, CA



Hello, friends.

I’m happy to announce that on Friday, April 15th, photographers Bryan Konietzko, Michael Dimartino and myself will have a gallery opening at Nickelodeon Animation Studios in Burbank, California.   The word “Wanderlust” defined is A German word for the irresistibly strong desire to travel.  This sums up the subject matter that we will be displaying.  Everything from cityscapes, to wildlife, to extremely remote landscapes will be shown by all three of us.

Although the reception is technically a “private event” I invite any of my blog readers in the area to stop by and say hi.  Admission is free.   Also, our art will be up for approximately 1 month here, so if you aren’t able to make the opening, there will be plenty of time to check out the gallery afterward.

I will be selling signed canvas-mounted prints of rather random subjects (though mostly natural landscapes and wildlife).  Limited edition signed prints will also be available.


Thanks for looking!  🙂




3 Responses to “New Gallery Exhibition in Burbank, CA”

  1. This is fantastic, Mac–congratulations on the exhibition! I’ll try to figure out a way to go see your images…this looks pretty cool.


  2. Will there be a closing night reception in May?

  3. foreveraloser Says:

    Dear Mr. Danzig. Not only are your pictures beautiful, but your vocabulary and diction are astounding. I honestly think you should write a book; I really have to say that you have great writing skills. So, I was wondering if you could list somewhere on the web, your five favorite books of all time. I would like to read them and hopefully eschew from sounding like a total dunderhead in my daily way of communicating.
    I have to chuckle to myself right now, because I actually went and had to look one of the words up that you have used on this site in your writing. What was it…it was in one of the titles of your works. You are a really intelligent person and I think this is what I aspire to be, as well. I hope I still have a chance in my old age of being smart.
    Katie White

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