Photography has been a passion of mine since I was a very young.

In the recent years, I have worked in a more serious and diligent manner to increase the quality of my work.  In the process, my work has been featured professionally on many levels.    As nice as it is to get paid for photography, I, like most photographers do other work to pay the bills, but put as much time into photography as possible, simply for the joy of it.

My main focus is landscape, nature and wildlife photography with an emphasis on long exposures and night time shooting.  I also focus on urban photography and cityscapes.  I spend many hours in the field working with the light (and sometimes the lack thereof) and thoroughly enjoy the solitude of being in remote wilderness during much of my work.

Now that I have gained experience and have had the opportunity to travel the world pursuing this art, I have many stories to share, both from the field and from the digital darkroom.

This Web Log is an outlet for me to share information on photography.  It is geared towards photographers of all levels and covers all aspects of the art – such as technical info, reviews of equipment and software, as well as stories about my travels.

Some of you may know me from my other occupation, as a professional MMA Fighter and Trainer.   This blog and it’s content will not have anything to do with MMA whatsoever.  However, I invite you to have a look if you are interested in photography.
Thanks for reading!

Dead Horse Point


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